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Here's how to Make A Difference 🚀

We run a tight ship. To get you off to a smooth start, here are the bare essentials. We set clear, ambitious goals and we're looking for you to help us achieve them! We take our mission seriously, and we’re all on the same team. As long as you contribute, fit in and grow with us - you'll do great here.

You applied!

Congrats on starting your journey to becoming a bunqer. The only way is up!

Taking the bunq fit test

Check your email, where we've sent you a link to your first test. The bunq fit assessment takes approximately 30 mins. The abstract reasoning test helps us to assess your ability to apply conceptual ideas to your daily work. The personality one helps us form balanced, effective teams.

Taking the skills test

Now that you've passed your bunq fit test, it's time for your role fit!  This will show if your skills match the requirements for this role. The tests usually take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. Come on, wow us!

Meet your team lead

Great job getting here! Gain invaluable insights into your team and a deeper understanding of bunq's way of working. Learn more about our user Eva, and the work you'll be doing to make life easy for her.

Make A Difference day

Experience first hand what it's like to work at bunq by spending a day at our office. This is your chance to show us how you'll make a difference from now on. Show us what you've got, meet your colleagues and don't forget to have fun!

🚀 Welcome to bunq!