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bunq's way of working

Are you ready to level up and truly Get Shit Done? At bunq, you can challenge yourself and shake things up. To make sure we're all algined on our path to success, we follow a simple (but sacred) way of working.

Owning your journey

Have you noticed how often we use the word “ownership”? That’s because it’s sacred to all of us. bunqers take full ownership of any project they’re working on, from a simple A/B test to launching a whole new feature. When something goes wrong, we don’t panic and we don’t back away. We own it: digging for root causes rather than quick fixes, and making sure we don’t make the same mistake twice.

Just keep communicating

With dozens of nationalities, many cultural backgrounds and bunqers’ ways of working - we need to make sure we communicate effectively with each other. At bunq, you can expect clear directions, assignments and explanations. Need to learn something new? There’ll be a clear process for it. No question marks, no raised eyebrows.

Show me the data

You’ll get to fix interesting problems for our users every day. How do we find the problem? Data. How do we find the solution? Data. How do we come up with something new? You get the point. Everything we do here is based on data. We value that everything is measurable, because that makes your contribution crystal clear.

All for Eva

Meet our user, Eva. Every day, we build a product that makes life easy for them. We stay in touch with their needs, and make sure that they don't have to worry about money admin with bunq. Before we build a new feature, we ask ourselves: does it serve Eva? It’s all for them.

Girl using her phone

Get inside the mind of our user, Eva

Become a bunq user to experience the product first-hand yourself. Download the bunq app and try it for free!