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Life @ bunq

Take a peek behind the curtains!

Discovering the world of backend with bunq in Istanbul

Career change success: From the world of defense and gaming to a career that aligns with passion and purpose. Discover the pivotal moment that led to a radical career change at the age of 30, with our backend developer in Istanbul.

Zeynep's bunq adventure in Istanbul : Cruising the Fintech Waves!

Embark on the thrilling tale of bunq's arrival to Istanbul with Zeynep's journey from First Line to Second Line Guide. Delve into the excitement, challenges, and unity shaping bunq into more than just a workplace—a groundbreaking fintech experience.

From Career Change to The banking revolution - Samantha's journey

I was excited by bunq’s mission to break free from the status quo and the charisma of Ali, bunq’s CEO. Loved that they thought things can be done differently (and better!). I accepted the job offer on the spot.

Don't just take our word for it, check out some bunqers' thoughts:

Thijs de Maa

My journey at bunq started almost 5 years ago, and even though it has known its ups and downs, I'm still very happy to be here! I get to work on the most exciting product, with some of the smartest, most dedicated people I know. If I find myself up for a new challenge, I can always ask to take it on, and that's what will happen. If I want to move into a different direction, there’s room for that, too. The people are really what makes this company great; so it’s amazing to see ourselves growing more and more over time.

(Front End Engineering team, Amsterdam - NL)

Meriç Softa

I joined bunq straight out of college - it was clear from the first interview that I would have the opportunity to speak up and do more than what a new-grad could in a "normal" company. Even after I took a break to create my own company and came back, there has never been an end to learning and growing. The best part? You get to see that your work actually does make life easy for people!

(Engineering team, Istanbul - TR )

Aleksander Ignatov

Working at bunq is one of the wildest rides I’ve ever had. It’s unpredictable - just like riding a unicorn! You’re galloping up the rainbow, never knowing where it’ll take you, but assured that the destination is beautiful and worth it.

(Support Team, Sofia - BG)