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Our Product - we've got our own way!

At bunq, we build a product that people love to use. We call those people Eva - our persona - and in everything we do, we keep them in mind. To make sure nothing gets done at random and everything fits Eva’s needs, we follow a certain strategy. Check out the breakdown per step below!

Understand Eva

To build the perfect bank for Eva, we need to truly know them. We aim to understand what they’re currently lacking, and what could bring them the financial freedom they desire.

At this stage, our product team - team special projects - create new experiences that focus on bringing Eva’s bunq experience to the next level, such as Mortgages or bunq Web.

Become a member

To love bunq is to know bunq - this is the step where we make sure Eva knows who we are, what we offer, and how we can make life easy. Here, our marketing team does its magic!

Be a member

Once Eva’s interest is caught, they’ll want to try bunq for themselves. At this point, our product team needs to make sure we deliver on one of our most important promises: a 5-minute signup.

It’s important that during these 5 minutes, we provide the best experience possible: quick onboarding and a clear verification process. The product team makes this seamless for Eva.

Stay a member

We can never assume that we have Eva’s heart forever - we must keep fulfilling our promises. The product team is responsible for making sure that our plans always fit Eva’s needs, that our features are meeting expectations (and run bug-free), and that we’re overall the bank that we promised we’d be.

If done right, Eva will not only stay a member, but they’ll be happy to refer their friends and family, acting as a true bunq advocate. If we keep Eva happy - Eva helps us grow. 

Wanna join this journey to making Eva's life easy?