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Get Shit Done Day

As the last step of our hiring process, this is your day to experience what it’s like to be a bunqer and show us how you get shit done.

How does it work?

This is a trial day done right. You get the true bunq experience and the opportunity to show us your skills.

To test your knowledge and mindset, we have an assignment waiting for you to solve. We set you up for success by giving you full access to your future colleagues and to any relevant data you need. Present us with your solutions and show that you've got what it takes to be a bunqer, by getting shit done in just one day. Lunch is on us and we'd even love for you to stay for dinner!

What you can expect from us:

  • Unlimited food & fuel to keep your engine running during the day

  • A MacBook to work on

  • Incredible colleagues to help you on your quest to get shit done

  • Remote alternative for some roles and locations.

How to prepare?

Download and onboard yourself into the app (it's free 🙌🏼)

The best way to get to know bunq users is to experience what they do. You'll get key information about the bunq experience whether you're going through the onboarding flow or making the fastest international payments on the planet.

Check out our social media channels and blog

Keep yourself up to date with the latest bunq news by following our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, or see the latest partnerships and bunq company news via our blog.

Get excited

You'll be one of the very few who is allowed into our NDA zone to see where the magic happens and meet the brains and brawn behind our operation.

‍What to expect

Traditional companies hire based on experience and reputation. At bunq, we hire based on talent and growth potential. We go big on:

1. Ownership 💪🏼

Ownership means solving a problem for our user, Eva. We literally organize our work around blocks of what Eva needs. Thus ownerships are building blocks for quantifiable results. Each person might have one or more ownerships and is personally responsible for the outcomes.

2. Effective communication 🗣

Effective communication means we don’t leave any uncertainty in our comms. It resembles pilots' way of communicating, where nothing can be left open for interpretation. We always communicate deadlines and acknowledging messages. We avoid ambiguity so nobody is guessing. Deadlines are meaningful, so they have both a date and time. We call our language Robospeak - and it works!

3. Data 💻

Data is our hero for all decisions. We don’t want to assume or guess anything. You might think this stifles creativity, but it’s the opposite. Data allows for an objective assessment of all our creative ideas. This approach within bunq strengthens trust, and opens up maximum creativity without losing effectiveness.

Get inside the mind of our user, Eva

Become a bunq user to experience our product first-hand. Download the bunq app and try it for free!