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The Turkish 


Based on data on effectiveness, mixed with Turkish labor laws, and sprinkled with our raison d’etre in mind, here’s what we offer for you to succeed.


You work hard, we respect that. Your starting compensation will be based on your skills, and of course, the market. From there on, every step up will be matched to your performance and growth here at bunq. In other words - if you keep making a difference and growing with us, so will your compensation package.


As a global standart we start with fixed contract terms, before switching over to permanent. Needless to say, we expect you to stick around longer like all other bunqers. Here’s how your journey will develop.

1st - “The Dating Phase” - a 9 month contract to get to know each other

2nd - “The Relationship” - a 12 months of bliss before finally putting a ring on it

3rd - “The Wedding” - cheers to your permanent contract

Your space to perform

  • Salary and stock options that grow as you grow

  •  Great colleagues that share your mindset

  •  Working remote possibilities that only get better with time

  • 3-2-1 Bonus; Earn a bonus of extra salary per month 

  • 18 paid holiday days on top of national public holidays

  • We support your learning and growth with a €900 annual learning budget and additional 3 days of study leave

  • For your wellbeing, you get a full membership to a gym, indoor and outdoor pools

  •  Meal voucher so you can get what you want for lunch

  •  Private Health Insurance, just in case

We’re an equal opportunity employer. No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, follow in faith, disability status, ethnicity or the gender you identify with (tell us your pronouns), you’re welcome at bunq

Get inside the mind of our user, Eva

People asked for faster horses when what they needed was a car. In the world of banking, bunq is the car. Become a bunq user to see it for yourself. Download the bunq app and try it for free!