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Quality Improvement Specialist

  • Ä°stanbul
ā‚¬2,255 - ā‚¬3,097 per monthTechnology

Ready to make a difference?

Our challenge is to provide a flawless experience to our users without any pesky bugs getting in the way. šŸ› This is your chance to take full ownership to ensureĀ we donā€™t release anything with bugs.

Do you have what it takes to make a difference?

Then test your bunq fit to start your application. šŸš€

Take ownership

Take an user-centric approach with ourĀ detection of bugs and prioritization of quality to we ensure tests as quickly as possible.

  • Assessing and escalating bugs and contributing to the continuous improvement of our testing processes and methodologies, striving for efficiency and effectiveness in quality assurance practices.
  • Implement automated performance monitoring solutions to track and analyze key performance metrics.
  • Maintaining the automated testingĀ suite, providing code updates that meet the intended goals as well as bunq's quality standards and design guidelines.
  • Planning of the requirements for testing, dissolutions of testing instructions, and tools needed.

This challenge is perfect for you if

  • You have a good comprehension of quality assurance concepts as QA agile

  • You're knowledgable in Performance Testing and Testing Frameworks

  • You're skilled in Java coding

  • You're fluent in English, both speaking and writing

Your space to perform

We give you the space and the tools you need to succeed šŸ’ŖšŸ¼

šŸ¤Ÿ Join forces with great colleagues across the globe to revolutionize banking

šŸŒŸ Make lasting impact by working on complex & exciting challenges

šŸ“š Accelerate your career growth with bunq Academy and learning budgets

ļ¹© A competitive base salary between ā‚¬2,255 - ā‚¬3,097

šŸŽÆ Bonus potential based on the impact you make

šŸ’ø Monthly contributions to your phone and internet bills

šŸ’» A Macbook to keep with you while you're with us

šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» Working hybrid & earn Digital Nomad perks over time

šŸšŒ Travel expenses are covered whether you come walking or by bike, bus or car (though we prefer green choices šŸŒ³)

šŸŖ Lunch and snacks at the office, vegan options included

šŸš“ā€ā™€ļø Stay fit & healthy with a Multisport gym card

āš•ļø Private health insurance, just in case

šŸ» Friday drinks, team events, and other celebrations - bunq style!

  • Ä°stanbul
ā‚¬2,255 - ā‚¬3,097 per month


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  • Ä°stanbul
ā‚¬2,255 - ā‚¬3,097 per month

Good to know

Your journey

How do you become a bunqer? It all starts with a few quick tests that allow us to determine if bunq is a fit for you. If the results show that weā€™re a match on these fronts, we take it a step further and explore specific roles together. Before we decide on making you an offer, youā€™ll get a chance to show your skills on your Get Shit Done day.

What to expect from the tests

To kick off Ā your application, weā€™ll first help you check if bunq is the right environment for you to succeed. Our bunq assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and includes 2 tests: an abstract reasoning test and a personality test (MBTI). If we match here, weā€™ll move on to the next test - this is related to your skills, and differs per role.