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Online Superguide

  • Sofia
BGNĀ 42,359 - BGNĀ 52,444 per yearSupport & Operations

Ready to make a difference?

Use your communication power and problem-solving skills to Make Life Easy for our users, providing them with the best online support on every social platform šŸŒˆ Up for the task? Kick off your application by taking our assessment and find out if bunq is your perfect match!

Take ownership

  • Locate and help our valuable users with the issues they report on a daily basis by providing them with accurate, valid and complete information
  • Engage with, moderate and assess user feedback on social media platforms to keep discussions constructive

  • Respond to reviews while developing and documenting knowledge into helpful content

  • Make it easy for users to interact with each other and find answers to their questions themselves on Together by facilitating and growing a healthy online community

  • Take the extra mile to engage our users while providing exceptional support

This challenge is perfect for you if

  • You're a master at using the written word and are a near-native English speaker
  • You can listen, investigate and pinpoint the source of the problem. Then fix it!
  • You're tech-savvy, and can browse across a variety of social platforms to keep our users happy

Your space to perform

We give you the space and the tools you need to succeed šŸ’ŖšŸ¼

šŸ¤Ÿ Join forces with great colleagues across the globe to revolutionize banking

šŸŒŸ Make lasting impact by working on complex & exciting challenges

šŸ“š Accelerate your career growth with bunq Academy and learning budgets

ļ¹© A competitive gross monthlyĀ base salary between BGN3,268 - BGN4,047

šŸŽÆ Bonus potential based on the impact you make

šŸ’ø Monthly contributions to your phone and internet bills

šŸ’» A Macbook to keep with you while you're with us

šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» Working hybrid & earn Digital Nomad perks over time

šŸšŒ Travel expenses are covered whether you come walking or by bike, bus or car (though we prefer green choices šŸŒ³)

šŸŖ Lunch and snacks at the office, vegan options included

šŸš“ā€ā™€ļø Stay fit & healthy with a Multisport gym card

āš•ļø Private health insurance, just in case

šŸ» Friday drinks, team events, and other celebrations - bunq style!

  • Sofia
BGNĀ 42,359 - BGNĀ 52,444 per year
Support & Operations


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  • Sofia
BGNĀ 42,359 - BGNĀ 52,444 per year
Support & Operations

Good to know

Your journey

How do you become a bunqer? It all starts with a few quick tests that allow us to determine if bunq is a fit for you. If the results show that weā€™re a match on these fronts, we take it a step further and explore specific roles together. Before we decide on making you an offer, youā€™ll get a chance to show your skills on your Get Shit Done day.

What to expect from the tests

To kick off Ā your application, weā€™ll first help you check if bunq is the right environment for you to succeed. Our bunq assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and includes 2 tests: an abstract reasoning test and a personality test (MBTI). If we match here, weā€™ll move on to the next test - this is related to your skills, and differs per role.