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Market Analyst DE

AmsterdamData, Research & Activation

Ready to make a difference?

This is how you make a difference

Our challenge is to make sure that bunq always understands its users. This is your chance to identify what makes our German users tick and how we can do it better.
 Up for the challenge? Kick off your application by filling in the application form and find out if bunq is your perfect match!

Take ownership

You take a user-centered approach and think outside of the box where needed; it’s not only about digging up data, it’s about learning insights from Eva interacting with bunq.

This challenge is perfect for you if

  • Being a wizard with data visualization tools (Looker, Mixpanel), and skilled in data analysis (SQL, Excel)
  • Being a near-native English and German speaker with years of analytical experience in an international tech startup
  • Identifying which bunq features, marketing channels and content resonate the most with our users in each market
  • Applying insights from interviews, testing and experiments to ensure higher user engagement and satisfaction
  • Analyzing and keeping up-to-date all locally significant product market gaps

We set you up for success

We give you the space and the tools you need to succeed.

  • Salary and stock options that grow as you grow
  • Working remote possibilities that only get better with time
  • Work from any of our offices - we cover the transport costs, even if you cycle
  • 3-2-1 Bonus; Earn a bonus of 100 EUR extra salary per month (adjusted to local
    cost of living).
  • We support your learning (€2.500 per year study budget), growth and fitness progress with a wellness program and a fierce discount with OneFit
  • A Macbook Pro to keep with you while you're with us
  • Fabulous in-house chefs cooking delicious lunches and dinners
  • Friday drinks and other celebrations - bunq style

    We’re an equal opportunity employer. No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, follow in faith, disability status, ethnicity or the gender you identify with (tell us your pronouns), you’re welcome at bunq

Your journey

How do you become a bunqer? It all starts with a few quick tests that allow us to determine if bunq is a fit for you. If the results show that we’re a match on these fronts, we take it a step further and explore specific roles together. Before we decide on making you an offer, you’ll get a chance to show your skills on your Make A Difference day. ‍

Click here for a full overview of our hiring process.

What to expect from the tests

To kick off  your application, we’ll first help you check if bunq is the right environment for you to succeed. Our bunq assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and includes 2 tests: an abstract reasoning test and a personality test (MBTI). If we match here, we’ll move on to the next test - this is related to your skills, and differs per role.