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Join bunq to transform how millions of users spend, save, and invest their money  

At bunq, we strive to build the best product, only with the best people. We believe that results speak louder than resumes, and we value skills and drive over years of experience, background, gender, or orientation.

What makes bunq unique is our ability to defy boundaries and achieve the impossible, thanks to an incredible team:

  • We were the first bank to get a greenfield banking license in over 35 years!

  • We have stimulated innovation within a dormant, traditional sector. We have several patents and world-firsts, empowering our users to make full use of today's technologies.

  • We started the interest rate race, becoming the first Dutch bank to raise savings rates consistently in line with European Central Bank's rates adjustments.

Want to boost your career? Or see for yourself how we revolutionize banking?